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What is an NVM buying agent?


When you find a house that you would like to buy, you almost always contact the seller’s agent first. Obviously, this real estate professional will give you information and tell you all about the house, but at the end of the day, they are representing the landlord or seller in the sale of the house.

This means that the seller’s agent primarily represents the interests of the landlord or seller, and not your interests. That starts with the price of the home. The seller’s agent wants to negotiate the highest possible price for their client, while you obviously want to pay as little as possible.

For that reason, independent advice is a wise choice – advice from a real estate agent who isn’t working for the seller, but representing your best interests. This is especially important if you are not yet fully familiar with the ins and outs of the Dutch housing market and do not speak Dutch yet.

What does your own NVM buying agent do?

An NVM real estate agent can save you time, money and worry. The agent can give you clear information about the history of the house, the surrounding area and the zoning laws in the neighbourhood.

In addition, he will point out issues that you may not think to ask about, such as what to do in case of hidden defects in the house. He also knows whether the asking price is realistic and can conduct the complex negotiations for you.

An NVM buying agent supports you throughout the purchase process. That means that he also advises you on cancellation clauses that are important to you.

All the things your NVM real estate agent handles when renting or buying a home:

  • representing your interests
  • analysing housing preferences
  • searching for and offering suitable residences
  • providing guidance and support when viewing suitable residences
  • appraising a residence based on structural condition and environmental factors, among others
  • conducting professional negotiations with the seller
  • arranging all legal matters
  • providing guidance and support at the civil-law notary
  • remaining available for questions after delivery (after-sales service)

Find your NVM buying agent specialising in expats

Ready to buy a home? Find your NVM buying agent here, for expert assistance from a real estate professional who speaks English well and has experience in working with international clients.

Five golden tips for a dream house in the Netherlands

  • Don’t let your interests be represented by the real estate agent for the seller or landlord, but bring along your own NVM real estate agent.
  • Online resources are useful during orientation, but always engage an NVM real estate agent afterwards for sound advice.
  • When purchasing an old house, always get a structural inspection of the house and take out an NVM Home Warranty.
  • Have your real estate agent find out the applicable municipal regulations apply and zoning laws.
  • Let your real estate agent handle the negotiations.