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8 steps to buy a home in the Netherlands

Buying a home is fun and exciting, but there’s a lot that needs to be arranged. An NVM real estate agent can help you with everything.

NVM is the largest association of real estate agents and appraisers in the Netherlands. Almost 75 percent of Dutch houses are sold by our NVM real estate agents.

Find your NVM real estate agent

Our members can help you find the perfect home for you, whether you are looking for rentals or buying. This page is where you can look for a real estate agent, anywhere in the Netherlands. Click on ‘choose expertise’ and select ‘expat real estate agent’ (Expat makelaar (buying agent)). These are agents who specialize in working with international clients.

Funda: houses for sale or rent

Funda is the largest property listing website in the Netherlands. The company is part of the NVM-group. An overview of housing in the Netherlands on the market through NVM agents is available at funda.nl

The 9 benefits of working with an NVM real estate agent

By choosing an agency with the NVM logo, you can be sure that you are working with a reliable real estate agent. Their NVM membership also has great benefits for you as a consumer:

Housing market

NVM provides various types of information on the property market in the Netherlands. It publishes quarterly housing market statistics and market reports on the commercial property market. The quarterly housing market statistics provide an insight into developments in the Dutch housing market, accompanied by a detailed explanation of these statistics. 

If you are looking for market information about your home, area or local commercial property market, please contact a local NVM real estate agent. They can give you the best information on developments in the local real estate market.

Welcome to...

A NVM real estate agent has a broad knowledge of their surrounding area. In the series 'Welcome to' a local NVM real estate agent wil show you around a city in the Netherlands. 

Watch all 'Welcome to' videos via YouTube.