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The NVM is a Dutch branch organization of real estate agents and appraisers. The NVM itself is not a real estate agency. Therefore the NVM cannot help you find a place to rent or to buy.

Our members can help you find a suitable place. When you hire your own agent, you will place an instruction and a commission contract will be made. Inform in advance what the real estate agent will charge for his services. 

An overview of all homes in the Netherlands on the market through NVM agents can be found on a different website: funda.nl

Benefits of NVM

Almost 75 percent of Dutch houses are sold by real estate agents who are members of the NVM. NVM members exchange information about the different characteristics of properties on the market and on transaction prices. This information is stored in an extensive database which is only accessible to NVM members. The database provides information on median transaction prices for properties in each quarter, as well as annualized data stretching back to 1985.

The NVM badge is a guarantee of quality and real estate agents in the Netherlands display it with pride. But their membership of the largest association of real estate agents and real estate experts in the Netherlands also has some practical and very real benefits for you as a consumer:


International associations

The everyday work of NVM members involves a market that crosses national borders and that is subject to European regulation.

The NVM sees its role as representing the interests of its members in a European context as robustly as possible. By participating in a number of Europe-wide associations and organizations, the NVM ensures that the voice of Dutch real estate professionals is heard, and helps to influence decisions and directives involving common European professional standards. The NVM is a member of the following international associations:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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