The benefits of NVM brokers and real estate experts

Almost 75 percent of Dutch houses are sold by NVM-members. NVM-members exchange information on the different attributes of houses and transaction prices. This information is stored in an extensive database and only accessible for NVM-members.
In this database you can find the median transaction prices on houses per quarter and per year from 1985 till present.

The NVM logo is a guarantee of quality. For this reason, brokers in the Netherlands carry this logo with pride. But their membership in the largest association of real estate brokers and real estate experts in the Netherlands also means attractive benefits for you:

1: National network of 4.000 NVM brokers
The housing supply 5.000 NVM real estate brokers is updated daily and registered in the NVM network, using a nation-wide computer network. This means your broker is able to announce that your home is for sale extremely quickly, to a massive market of potential buyers. In addition, he or she also has immediate access to a complete overview of all the homes for sale through his/her colleagues.

2: The tremendous scope of funda
Funda is the most popular residential property site in the Netherlands. Here, you will find the most complete range of homes for sale, both in terms of houses and flats, as well as new developments and rented accommodation. It is only possible to advertise your home on this site through an NVM real estate broker.

3: Fingers on the pulse
NVM brokers are up to date with the very latest market developments. They have the advantage of being wired in to the NVM’s digital knowledge centre, a highly detailed portal that provides them with all kinds of information. For example: the value (and history) of a home, or a background check on the neighborhood.

4: Compulsory schooling
The NVM obliges its members to give their professional knowledge a yearly upgrade. Professional training and other courses mean that NVM brokers have a broad, up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market and all the applicable legislation and regulations.

5: NVM Code of Practice guarantees quality service
In order to guarantee a uniform high quality of service, NVM brokers have together drawn up the NVM Code of Practice. This concerns the level of expertise, objectivity and reliability of each and every individual NVM member. An NVM broker may not have any direct or indirect interest in immovable property, nor participate in unfair competition and may never represent both the buyer and vendor in the same transaction, in relation to conflict of interest.

6: The NVM Home Guarantee against hidden defects
The NVM Home Guarantee prevents financial disasters, as you are insured against any defects in your home that were initially unknown to you. Following a house survey carried out by a reputable firm, you are able to take out extensive insurance for a maximum of twelve months. This insurance offers generous cover against any damage, such as broken central heating boilers or systems, cracks in the foundations of your house, a leaking roof or rotten floorboards. 

7: NVM’s unique Legal Assistance Insurance Policy
The NVM has developed a form of legal assistance insurance for the buyers and vendors of private immovable property. This insurance provides entitlement to legal assistance in the event of disputes between buyers and vendors ensuing from the contract of sale for a property.

8: Peace of mind through professional indemnity
All NVM brokers are insured against damages ensuing from professional errors, and this also works in your interest. If you are in dispute with an NVM member, and the court rules in your favour, this insurance means the broker will be able to pay any costs he or she is ordered to pay to you.

9: A good listener for questions or complaints
If you have engaged an NVM broker, you can always turn to the NVM Consumer Information service with any questions or complaints you may have call 030 - 608 51 89, or mail. For serious cases, we even have disciplinary proceedings. All NVM brokers are subject to these. The aim? To protect your interests and uphold the good name of NVM real estate brokers.

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